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Louis Vuitton Foundation

Last October of 2014, Paris has given birth to a new architectural masterpiece, and it is more than ready to show itself to the world. The Louis Vuitton Foundation or … Continue reading

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Best Of Miami’s Art Basel 2014

Often termed as the Olympics of the world of art, Art Basel returned last December in Miami, Florida to show and promote the new wave of art pieces from both … Continue reading

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Paris Photos 2014

Often, creative individuals go through a phase where they can’t seem to find anything that can inspire them to create something. As an artist myself, I have felt this feeling for … Continue reading

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Paulo Ballesteros’ Instagram Week

Recognise any of these celebrities. Paolo Ballesteros, a Filipino presenter is a bit of a whizz kid with photoshop, and his work is getting noticed. See if you can decode … Continue reading

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Instagram Sculptural

Instagram can be useful for a lot of things (looking at food, stalking celebrities…), but it’s also pretty great in giving art fanatics a chance to see pieces from all around … Continue reading

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Artists of Insta: @Jessiebearden

 Have you ever thought about the various ways you can utilize milk? If you’re like me, you probably never really considered anything other than food purposes. However, @Jessiebearden seems to have … Continue reading

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Once Upon A Time @dreamcreations

Everyone wants a once upon a time and a happily ever after just like this upcoming artist, Emily Parr who draws beautiful and talented disney drawings.  Her inspiration for drawing … Continue reading

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Hong Yi, Painter Without A Paintbrush (康怡,不用画笔的画家)

This world is full of geniuses, and today, I am going to introduce an artist-architect who is now very popular on Instagram. Hong Yi, born in Malaysia, is very often … Continue reading

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This Week in Street Art #1

To me, Instagram seems to be the perfect place when it comes to street art and graffiti. When you’re wandering the streets of a bustling city, cutting through side alleys … Continue reading

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Shoreditch Brings Art to London’s Streets

Street art can be breathtaking, but it can also be wacky, funny, political and thought-provoking. The culture of East London’s street art scene has recently been creating a bit of a … Continue reading

August 11, 2014 · Leave a comment


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