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Daniel Wellington Instagram Watches

I first heard of Daniel Wellington around this time last year, just when I officially decided that I was going to buy myself a watch that didn’t look like the one I had then, given to me by our flat neighbour before leaving our apartment building, its chunky body made of silver and made my wrist look like it had a tumour when I wore long sleeved jumpers (no offense to that watch, you’re still pretty awesome!).

Coincidentally, I first saw an image of the brand during a lazy scroll around the Explore page on Instagram. I can’t really remember that photo exactly but I remember even its thumbnail caught my attention, causing me to dig deeper into the picture, and then into the profile page and then into its official website. And from then on, I never went back. I have found the new watch for me and have gained another account to follow, which has reached over half a million followers a couple of months ago on Instagram! Congratulations!



I was never really into watches growing up, partially because I never found the right watch that suited both my basic time-keeping needs and very interesting fashion taste. Watches these days are either so bulky and heavy (some say that style amps up the masculine ego, to which I agree but then again that’s not always practical) and some were so tied to technology that they’re synonymous to smartphones.

However, after getting my own watch from this collection (Mens Sheffield in Silver Face; also featured in this article!), all those woes and worrying are over. My watch even has more selfies on my phone than I do!



Since its birth in 2012, the Daniel Wellington name has made its mark with its audience, captivating every type of customer, may it be a classy lady on her way to the country club or for the skater dude rocking down the street to meet his friends.

Check out some of these shots of Instagrammers flaunting their new best friend.



If you’re not a huge fan on the size of the classic look’s face, their watches are also available in smaller sizes with Swarovski crystals in them, appropriately named the “Classy Collection“. It’s still got the same level of sophistication, only with the crystals adding on a hint of femininity.



For a more casual look without the crystals but still with the same face size, check out the “Grace Collection“. I personally like the blue and the silver on the shot above. It’s got impact but can still hide within your outfit, calling only the attention of those who are willing to listen.

Another feature that attracts many to this brand is the ease of switching from strap to strap, making a formal, leather watch immediately look casual and summer ready in a matter of minutes with a little practice and with a remover tool included in the box.



Now, with a smart-looking friend on my wrist that I keep staring at when I’m out, you’d think I still wouldn’t be so late on days out with friends, eh?

– Troy

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