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Best Of Miami’s Art Basel 2014

Often termed as the Olympics of the world of art, Art Basel returned last December in Miami, Florida to show and promote the new wave of art pieces from both known and new artists, independent and mainstream artists from many different corners of the world.

Featuring art of all kinds, from paintings, sculptures, graffiti art and even visual performances, Art Basel Miami proved to be eclectic, colourful and vibrant, offering just about everything for every kind of visitor.

Check out some of the pieces Instagrammers have posted below!







Say no to smoking? Say no to haters of smoking?

Real art should pull emotion out of your mouth.

There were some great sculptures featured as well! While some are subtly created, they still pack a strong punch alongside the louder pieces, in my opinion.



How willing are you to suffer for your art?







Really gives a strong message, eh? What’s up, Mickey?

If you’d like to attend the following Art Basel shows in 2015, click on the links below for details or here for their main website.

Art Basel Hong Kong – March 15-17

Art Basel Basel – June 18-21

– Troy

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