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London Bridges Down in Fall

Autumn is often seen as a time of contemplation, a time to think back on how you’ve done through the year and how you’ll be spending the last few months about to come. You can smile at all that’s happened, from the relief of starting anew in spring, the excitement and euphoria of summer and everything in between.

Autumn is also a time of relaxation, getting to wear really warm jumpers and hanging out in places that can really set a romantic mood or a photogenic spot for a group shot, and I’ve always thought the bridges in the many corners of London capture those energies quite easily.

Just have a look at some of the photos below!

Tower Bridge

When people put the words ‘London’ and ‘bridge’ together, they often think about Tower Bridge, the star of many movies and souvenirs, and I can’t blame them. Just look at that beauty! But take a gander at some of these less known, a tad cosier bridges that the capital has to offer; maybe their individual looks might appeal to you, too?

Putney Bridge

Kingston Bridge

Chelsea Bridge

Hammersmith Bridge

How about you? Whereabouts London do you like to hang out to savour the autumn vibes?

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– Troy


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