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Bubble Tea Time in London

London has become one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world, what with people of different ethnicities coming together as one, often sharing with each other stories, traditions and of course, food and drink.

This is where bubble tea comes in.

With the famous Taiwanese beverage managing to dominate the tastebuds of the British capital overnight, many different types of brands and incarnations around London has emerged to give customers their own take on the popular sweet drink. Scroll down to see my my top five favourite spots to get them!

#1 Boba Jam



Located in London China Town, Boba Jam is for those looking for a chill and colourful place to hang out and spend the hours. I’ve become a loyal customer here because of their green apple milk tea and the friendly staff, making the place my resting spot after spoiling myself with the countless Chinese buffets around the area.

My Bubble Choice: Apple Milk Tea with Tapioca Bubbles

#2 Lakwatsa

Meaning “to go out” or “to wander” in Tagalog, Lakwatsa can be found around West London’s Notting Hill. Their menu comprises of fruit tea served in jars and traditional Filipino snacks, or “merienda”, to complete the full Filipino experience. The interior of the place is also worth talking about; where else can you enjoy your fruit tea on an indoor swing?

My Bubble Choice: Lychee Milk Tea with Mango Popping Pearls





If you have the time, snap a shot of yourself and your friends and leave your legacy with the Lakwatsa team! Nothing says “Thank you” better than a happy selfie!

#3 Bubbleology

A brand that has started in several countries around Europe like Russia, Poland and the UK, their tea has a subtle taste that makes it a stand-out brand, something you can grab if you’re in a peckish mood. Another aspect of Bubbleology that grabs many people’s attention is the visuals of the shop itself, with different tubes and colours available for entertainment and photographic opportunities while waiting for your drink to be made. My first is the South Kensington branch, located a few minutes walk from the tube station.

My Bubble Choice: Lychee Fruit Tea

#4 Chatime

I will always remember Chatime for having the best (and so far in my memory, the only) lemon green tea. Their unique selection of flavours makes them stand out, and also their asking you how much sugar and ice you’d like in your drink is a nice touch; little things that feeds the OCD in me! My first Chatime branch can be located in Oxford, a few bus stops from Oxford Brookes University.

My Bubble Choice: Lemon Green Tea with (really chewy) Tapioca Pearls



Season’s greetings from Chatime!

#5 Chaboba



I had my first Chaboba experience in the one in the Wembley outlets, a cosy branch sandwiched between other fast food chains and beauty salons, waiting for thirsty customers to drop by. Not only were their tapioca really chewy but the food as well was really good! We had a Filipina cashier so it was nice to have a kabayan tell us the great dishes and deals in their menu!

My Bubble Choice: Mango Milk Tea with Mango Popping Bubbles AND Tapioca Pearls

So if you’re ever around London and in the mood for something fruity and refreshing, check out some of these stops and be sure to have a good time; comment down below what you think of them as well when you can!

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– Troy


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