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Paris Photos 2014

Often, creative individuals go through a phase where they can’t seem to find anything that can inspire them to create something. As an artist myself, I have felt this feeling for quite sometime. Usually, I try to find a cure for the lack of inspiration by browsing Instagram, which luckily for me, blew up this week with posts from the 2014 Paris Photo fair; a fair dedicated to the photographic medium.  143 galleries and 26 publishers later, the 2014 Paris Photo fair appears to be a success, inspiring many, including myself. Here are some photos from the fair that really intrigued me.


In this photo, taken by @siwiakphoto, viewers are captured interacting and appreciating the work being exhibited. This photo initially inspired me just because it captures the atmosphere of the show, through time and motion, inviting me into the experience.


In this photo, also taken by @siwiakphoto, a blurred figured is presented in front of a body of work that portrays faceless women. The blurred figure immediately caught my interest because of it’s eerie appearance. My eyes were then drawn into the body of work exhibited behind the figure, which also created a sense of eccentricity. It’s difficult to tell if @siwiakphoto intentionally or unintentionally placed the blurred figured into the photo to add to the work. However, for me, the idea was very creative and inspiring.


What I love about photography, is that artists are constantly trying to find ways to recreate the medium. As technology continues to develop, so does the desire to recreate photography. In this photo, taken by @juj20224, the notion of moving away from traditional photography seems to be demonstrated. What is being portrayed, is not typical. It does not represent the surrounding world around us that the human eye can understand. It appears to demonstrate illusion, and seeing the scale of the work, it almost feels as if the work invites the viewer into this new dimension. The photo also presents this technological aspect to it, but also demonstrates some sort of connection to nature, through it’s organic forms. Seeing a viewer take a photo of the work, kind of changes the context of the work for me. It just reminds me of the change in the way we experience art, because of the development of technology.


When I saw this photo, I was instantly drawn to it, just because my eyes couldn’t adjust to what was happening. I believe that photos are most successful when they keep the viewer looking for a long time. Taken by @judajudajuda, this photo depicts what appears to look like a hole in the wall. The photographer did an excellent job creating the illusion, because I spent some time trying to figure out if the photo was shot through a hole in the wall or if it was all in the way the photo was presented. For me, the creative idea was very inspiring.


This photo, also taken by @judajudajuda, was also very inspiring. I love seeing photographs that challenge the norms of photography. This is not your typical portrait, which is what captured my interest. To me, this photo, and the one above, evoke a sense of chaos and interruption. I spent awhile trying to figure out how the photographer achieved the outcome of this photo. The photographer could have created this look through multiple layers in photoshop, or by actually tampering with the photo itself. Either way, the photographer definitely wanted the viewer to know of his photo manipulation, which adds to the idea of chaos and interruption.


When I first saw this photo, taken by @lou_matheron, I was so intrigued. It definitely comments on today’s art experience. We no longer see art with our eyes, but with our technology. I thought it was really interesting how an addition to the work was made by @lou_matheron, by capturing someone taking a photo of the work. It just reinforces the statement being made, which is very eye opening.


Believe it or not, but this work is actually a collection of white painted strings. A video of the work can be found on the instagram page of @symbole. I really found this work inspiring because it’s nothing I have seen before. It’s challenges the notions of photography through it’s presentation. It has me really questioning the definition of photography and whether or not it can be defined as pure illusion.

If you haven’t taken a look at the Paris Photo 2014 fair, you should definitely check it out on instagram #parisphoto2014.


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